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ArcadeIT Modules

Freedom is in your hands.  You are the owner of your creativity and decision-maker of your project. ArcadeIT! development system comes with a set of boards, that can be easily configured in the best position in your device. Stop with bizarre adaptors right now, and keep your design clean and elegant!

Check all the basic modules that make this system unique!

ArcadeIT! frees  your creativity

What are you waiting for? Start having fun today!


The ArcadeIT! motherboard mounts an ARM Cortex M4 microcontrolller by ST: the STM32F469
It has many peripherals that can be used to build your personal arcade system. The ArcadeIT! Startup KIT includes several module boards to use in your startup project and also in custom electronic projects. You will be able to expand your ArcadeIT! to the max.

ArcadeIT Module LCD


This LCD module has been designed to give the maximum freedom to program your own video driver. It can be programmed in three differend modes: parallel, serial and RGB. The resolution is 320x240 for a color depth of 18 bits. ArcadeIT! has two separated LCD ports, so you could plug TWO displays and control them separately! And if you are really brave you may want to connect more LCD modules to the ArcadeIT! through the expansion port.

ArcadeIT Module Memory


The RAM memory of ArcadeIT! can be expanded up to 4 MB of ultra fast static RAM. This module is equipped of 10ns SRAM 512 kB chips, and let you improove he graphic resolution of the video generation, or store more data for real-time applications.

ArcadeIT Module Power


The POWER modul,e has been designed to feed ArcadeIT! board with 5V and 3.3V, but not only. There is also a direct power line equal to th voltage of the power supply for any need. This module has a switch port and a LED port where you can connect the respective modules and place them in your case.

ArcadeIT Module Switch


This switch module has been designed to be used in conjunction to the Power module, but you could use it for any other purpose your creativity can imagine. In the KIT you will find one switch to connecto to the Power module.

ArcadeIT Module LED


LED modules can be used in many ways with your board ArcadeIT! Originally designed as visual indicator for the power line, this module can be connected as debugger for the signals of the ports of the ArcadeIT! In this KIT you have one module that you can connect to the LED port of the power module, but you can connect it to other lines also.

ArcadeIT Module Button


This is a cool soft touch button that you can use in your system. You find one button module in the KIT to connect it to the "Reset" port of the ArcadeIT!, but you could use as many button modules as you wish to build your custom keypad and mount it on the case.


This is a simple CR2032 coin battery holder that you can connect to your ArcadeIT! so that you can maintain alive the time and date in your system.

ArcadeIT Module Joystick

A100 Joy9

This special module mounts a special DSUB 9 Pin connector that can host old joystick/joypad plugs. In the KIT is included a SEGA Mega Drive joypad tha can be used to play to your custom games or to the emulated ones.

ArcadeIT Module VGA


The VGA/RGB module contans a 12 bit DAC and two sync lines for the video signal generation. The firmware includes a driver for VGA video generation that can reach resollutions up to 640x480 at 12bpp (4096 colors).

ArcadeIT Module Audio


This audio module has been designed to plug the typical USB powered speakers for PCs. It has also a specisal electronic switch to mute or unmute the signal.

ArcadeIT Module SD-Card


With ArcadeIT! you can use a SD-Card memory in SPI mode and read/write files within your applications. ArcadeIT! can use SD-Cards up to 64GB to store graphics, souds, and all binary files needed by your applications.

ArcadeIT Module USB


This is a simple USB module that let you use a eyboard or a mouse to ArcadeIT!, or to feed a USB powered device. Like any other module you can place in the case in the best position you like.

Want to learn more?

If you are curious and want to learn more about the ArcadeI! system, feel free to contact us, we will answer as quick as possible.

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