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ArcadeIT Mainboard

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Programming the ArcadeIT!

ArcadeIT! is an open system provided with a complete firmware that supports all ports of the board. Specific libraries are included to allow you to program the system.

The source code of the firmware is well commented and easy to customize. It has been developed with the free IDE by ST: STM32CubeIDE. In the package are included template projects, examples, demos, applications and all the libraries needed by the system, but if you want, you can program it from the ground using different libraries as long as they will be CMSIS compliant.

Provided by ST there are: LL, SPL and HAL libraries. These are CMSIS compliant, robust, and safe to use. You only need to follow the ArcadeIT! hardware specs and the STM323F469 user manual/datasheet.

The current version of the firmware has been developed around the Strandard Peripheral Library 1.8 for educational purpose, in the future different versions at different levels will be developed together with predefined templates to start your application from.

Firmware v1.0 drivers:

Special courses and tutorials will take place to learn how to use the firmware, covering the setup of the toolchain to the development of games and entertainment machines.

Demos and applications:

Want to learn more?

If you are curious and want to learn more about the ArcadeIT! development system, feel free to contact us, we will answer as quick as possible.

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