Development System

The most flexible embedded system to date

ArcadeIT Modules

Expansions are the key for a never lasting fun with your system. ArcadeIT! has been designed to be interfaced easily to other electronic systems. 

The expansion bus makes the ArcadeIT! more than an embedded system, let's check it out!

ArcadeIT! expand your horizon

What are you waiting for? Start having fun today!

ArcadeIT! development system has been designed around the idea of a modern computer: mainboard and other peripheral modules. But modern computers no longer use an expansion bus that users can easily interface custom hardware to, like it was common in old computers instead.

So ArcadeIT! is the missing link between computers and embedded systems, providing an amazing tool for developing entertainment devices.

Want to learn more?

If you are curious and want to learn more about the ArcadeI! system, feel free to contact us, we will answer as quick as possible.

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